Stamina bar that includes swimming, sprinting and jumping

Hello LUA developers, (I think that is how to refer to you guys!)
I have been searching for a stamina bar that has all three, because I want a more realistic experiance. The problem is, two of the three things I want in a stamina bar isn’t there. I was wondering if you guys could make a stamina bar that degrades when you are swimming, sprinting and jumping. For the swimming, I am looking for a bar (not a breath bar, but you can include one if you want) that decreases while you are in the water (x2 decrease while moving) and as it decreases, decrease boyancy. For the sprinting, I should’t need to say anything. For the jumping, decrease stamina by X everytime the player jumps.
Thanks for looking at my request,
The Maxassin

I’d also like to see somthing like this.

Awesome. Good to know there are other people out there like me. :wink:

I released something like this last month.

Im not sure if its still on my account.

This idea is great.

Question though:

Should it have something right after you arrive in the map to make it be on or off? Sort of like a switch to turn it on or off. It could be included in the Options tab for quick switching.

:wtc: you talking about?

You know what I am talking about. I mean like a toggle to turn it on or off. It would be annoying if you had to run, and ran out of endurance. Yes I know that is the whole point of this request… but if you didn’t really need it on, there would have to be a way to turn it off without completely removing the addon. is from you, would that be it?



EDIT: unless no-clip is turned off.

Then turn it on.

Yes, it isn’t 100% must have, but it would be a good to have.

I tried this, it is close, bu the swimming doesn’t work, and If you lose to much health, it docks you health every second, which I don’t like. (Sorry Wizey!/zoeyjustzoey, you make great addons! I just don’t like this one.)