Stan Jones And Earthworm Jim Ragdoll?

I know Stan Jones is not a very popular character at all but i would love to see him in Garry’s Mod (Aftermath version)
the game is on Wii so it should be as easy as ragdoll ripping is, also I would love to see Earthworm Jim in Garry’s Mod which i figured some models would be ripped already because it is on N64. But if anyone could rip one of these, that would be great, and im sure a few other people would think so too on (Earthworm Jim anyway)
I make Super Smash Bros. movies, 2 are finished as of now and i would love to add them in the 3rd movie but (Crash is needed first)

Yeah. I would also would like to see a ragdoll of Princess What’s Her Name, too.