Stand Alone Escape (Bitch on top of a robot shooting SMG, Descriptive enough? )

Here is another Ghost in the Shell themed one, The Major escapes capture on a Tachikoma, trying to evade a pursuing GSDF HAW and multiple cyborgs.
Stand Alone Escape

Origin of female model?

Believe it or not, it’s Faith from Mirrors Edge with my personal skin and shoop’d hair.

Great title.

Anyway, From the last topic I asked didn’t Tachikoma have MGs in both arms or am I thinking about the larger one?

Awesome screenshot, how do you pull off those awesome rain effects?

Tachikoma only has the left arm i believe, the right arm has a probe for connecting to ports, the center gun on the torso can be a minigun or a 40mm launcher i believe.


It’s a matter of making a raindrop brush and then using built in photoshop tools to scatter it at random points and sizes.

Ah, i see it now. good work

Thanks, the goggles + hair tend to hide her true identity lol.

Or that and my visual acuity is close to nil :v:

Could be that too :stuck_out_tongue:


Most impressive.

Why thank you, comrade.