First attempt at editing a screenshot
I don’t like how the American’s left hand and the shadow below the German came out, and I know there are clipping issues :ohdear:

^guns are meant to be empty^

Based it off of a picture I drew a year ago

The soldier’s face in the drawing is like “Shit, you have a gun too?!”

Not bad posing wise and everything. you may want to take a more cinematic or dramatic angle for added effect.

Not bad at all, though.

Very nice for a first attempt at editing. The Gmod picture fits the one you drew perfectly.
Only thing I can suggest is maybe fiddling around with the colors and some more effects, maybe even black & white to fit the picture you drew more.

Strangely, the sketch is actually better in a lot of respects.

You’re a very good drawer.

Good drawing, but the picture above…the American soldier looks like he’s trying to reach his guts through the whole in his stomach.

Thanks for the positive comments guys :biggrin: