"Stand still......

…Or I’ll stick It where the sun dont bloody shine."



watch out for that bloody big knoife

i like the big ones

Yer all fur coat no knickers BITCHES!

hi guys

That model pack fucked my gmod up, now i have to reinstall it cause i derped and put it in my models instead of addons >_<

Why didn’t you just delete the folder?

Also, don’t do those text emotions like that. >_<, XD, and various other text emotes are looked down upon.

Are you serious :P? I never thought they were :V. Okay, continuing… -_-, now that you got me off topic… Stop with the fucking filter rape >:(… I will get angry. If you get off the filter rape ( hopefully :slight_smile: maybe I would like the picture B). Sorry thats the best critism I could give ^.^.