Standalone source SDK

Hey, does a standalone source SDK exist? If so, does anyone have a link to it? I couldn’t find anything on google. :slight_smile:

Thanks in Advance!


I have one here, it doesn’t run the orange box games because it was released before it came out.
I can’t find a site to upload it to though, will probably think it’s a virus.

Well, is fine, i guess…

Here you go;9374169;/fileinfo.html

Download the source sdk pack through steam, it’s in the tools menu.

Thanks! downloading now, have to test tomorrow! Good night!

I could make one but… Standalone Source SDK is illegal.


This is illegal.

What’s the point anyway? you cannot test anything you compile so it’s somewhat pointless as well as illegal.

I use this when i map at school, they blocked the outside connection, so i cannot log into steam… that’s the reason i want this Standalone source SDK tool :slight_smile:

Want to know a secret?
Everyone doesn`t have 24/7 working internet connection.

  • offline mode screws up often.

Indeed, most people only can get 99,9% uptime. And there 24 hours in a week.

Is it? 24 hours in a week? FUNNY! :dance:

He obviously pirated the game/s.

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So you bumped a 2 year old post to suspect someone of pirating a game? I too, wouldn’t mind such a tool - because my school blocks steam and because offline mode sometimes tells me that the Source SDK is unavailable at this time.

At first, that would mean sitting around in the library after school with all my work done and nothing to do. It happened quite a bit, so I would leave the source SDK menu open and hybernate my laptop before I went to school. I then got an iPhone and figured out how to use internet tethering without paying hte $60 a month, now I just plug that in and start Steam up when offline mode is being stupid.

So while the tool may be illegal, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he pirated games…

Use microbrush2? It’s not as good as hammer IMO but it’s the same format so it’ll be better than trying to use older versions of hammer or something not legal.

Microbrush2 didn’t exist when this thread was made :buddy: