Standalonegame based on Gmod10

Hello dear FacePunch Community , i got a question about the Binarys and stuff in GarrysMod10 .

Is it allowed to use the Binarys and stuff if i remove the physgun and basic lua files? and do all things by myself?

Its like Gmod10 is based on HL2 , and my Mod is Based on Gmod10 .

The Binarys restrict my game to “You need to buy Gmod10” , then all players need to own gmod10 before they play our game.

I dont want to sell my game , its only a game for random players who own gmod10

Short: Can i use the Gmod Binarys for my own Game if i remove the maingame stuff? , and use it that you need to buy gmod10 before you play my game?

That makes it possible to create a new start screen and more , gamemodes are lame, and then i can create a server to server system in WoW style.

did garry payed for copyright of the .dll files?

You can’t mod it.

my idea is to mod the gameplay by using only lua for it.
I have done it in beta style , but the question is , is a release for friend legal?

If you want to do that, use GMod lua, everything you’ve said so far is possible in GMod lua, and you can’t mod GMod.

Also you’re daft.

ya , but i try .

want it as a standalone what require Gmod10 , because i can use hax editor and lua to fix stuff in it then.

BTW: Gmod10 got 2 Console Commands to crash the server , and lots of engine exploits what is easy fixable with lua , and i want to create a mod of GMod10 what is like a stranded roleplay mix. ( a crash fixed standalone game) with a own startscreen ( what is only possible to modified the clients , what i cant to for everyone in gmod10 etc.)

then i can use my own admin system what is better then ulx and assmod too on it , with lots of server fixes and more.

You cannot mod GMod and release as stand-alone. You can also not release stand-alone gamemodes. Anything made for GMod will require GMod to be owned by the players.

i know , and my idea is ( use the complete garrysmod binarys and create it like a standalone game , just with lua ) [Cracked style like the unpayed gmod10 games] but create it that you need the real gmod , to play my game. is it forbidden if you require gmod10?

So what you are saying is:

You are making a mod for Garry’s mod that does not require steam
BUT it requires that you OWN Garry’s mod on steam yes?

it require steam as platform , its like if you switch your gmod folder in the steamapps/SourceMods folder. And now deleting all files from gmod10 and coding your own lua gameplay. but with the original binarys.

It doesn’t need to be made. All custom gamemodes should be run-able in Gmod itself.

You don’t have the GMod sourcecode, therefore you will fail in your attempts to do so.

do someone know the cracked edition , i now tell it like it is…

its like stealing gmod10 , you put your gmod10 folder in sourcemods , remove garrys lua stuff and build your gameplay then. the binarys are the same… stealed… in compiled form.

its like i modified Gmod5 for multiplayer ( i did it )

i just want to ask ( is on the binarys a copyright? ) or can i use it …

dont tell its not possible to mod it… its just possible via lua , but not with the binarys.

iam a lua master , and thats the reason why i ask for mod the game via lua. a standalone game , with own server list , with stolen content.

If you’re a Lua master, I’m a blue-skinned 90 year old woman from the United States of Pandora with a degree in butchery and a very large possum as a pet.

Stop wasting our time.

It’s OK, he gave himself a Lua King avatar, he knows how to code properly.

So you’re asking if you can steal Gmod to make a shitty addon (face it, it’s an addon) for it?

This is even dumber than admitting you pirated GMod.

How can i call you , guy from pandora?

@Thread : i just want to ask if garry payed money for the Copyright of the Bins , or is it free to use it (original) without getting trouble.

You’re absolutely right. This man must be a master!

Oh cruel irony. :eng99:

On Topic: If you don’t want to sell your “mod” and you want it based on GMod 10, I don’t see why you don’t just make a gamemode or a series of your own binary modules that people can download. Why does it need to be a mod? So it can have its own fancy title and your name in the credits?

because i want to replace the main menu , Player singleplayer and more in a complete new Interactive Icon Menu , and want to create new panels for the main screen to choose adventures and more , i hope you understand what iam planing.

i just wanted to ask if this is allowed , or if garry is against that plan.
If its not possible then i try to use c++ , but lua is much easyer, i know it like my motherlanguage , and can recruit coders who can help on it.

All of that can be done with custom binary modules and lua scripts.

yes i know , but who want to download it before they want to play my gamemode?

who want to modified the startup screen just for my idea?

i tryed me on Lua SDK what i created with a mix of garrys binarys and stuff like that. Its a standalone game what just require GarrysMod10 , but got a own serverlist and startup screen. I want to modified this to a adventure game.

Can we just talk about the point for legal using of bins?
i know that all thinks are possible in that game , but do you think garry is against it that a mod based on gmod10 binarys?