Standard Door Stool Issue!

I need some help right away and as soon as possible as I am getting multiple complaints on how this is not working. THE DOOR STOOL, I have the OFFICIAL version for both myself and my server, no lua errors come up on screen NOR in console, it acts as if something is wrong when it is almost entirely destroyed…


  • Random Chip at the bottom of the door

  • Will not work, regardless.

  • No lua file errors

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

if you go on single player is it like this also?

I think you may have downloaded the wire version, to check that select the wire advanced tool and hover over that chip. If it is wire then some text will pop up.

No text pops up, I have tried and yes, inside of single player too.

This happens to me also.

I found the solution!
Odds are you have the Unofficial Wiremod Extras pack… it contains the wire door stool with casual lua errors, delete that and it will be fine.

Told you it was wire!

Thank you kindly!