standard gmod camera (almost crash) exploit

Step 1. Join any server that allows the Camera tool.
Step 2. Create a macro that repeats this concommand sequence: camera_key a+1; +attack;-attack
Step 3. Repeat 8113 times
Step 4. Server is now unable to spawn any new entities due to missing convar sbox_maxcameras

I’m surprised this convar is missing.
Not hard to add a limit myself, but still.
Figured i’d say something.

That is all.

First, I think it’s a bit tricky to find 8113 enumerations for keyboard numpads, though probably not impossible.

Server admins can easily fight this since it’s kinda obvious when someone spawns 8113 entities. Developers can easily implement a limitation in case this causes a problem. Probably an unlikely issue since few of your everyday minges will be familiar with macroscripts. Good point though, thank you for sharing <3

Also, is it just me, or Sir TEST is literally rating every post ‘dumb’ in this forum? Well not all, but he dumps every thread he saw -

Damn daniel…
Yeah, admins can fight againdt it since darkrp logs it, if you open a pull request about this on github, im sure they will implement it

I’ll get it fixed, no worries.