Standard turrets don't work anymore

Hey people,

I’ve got a small problem. I’ve installed quite a few mods and now my turrets (the standard ones you place with the turret tool gun) are not working anymore. At least not partially. It seems as if the models are gone. They still shoot (at least sometimes), but without a hint in what direction and are (which should be understandable) not easy to remove.

Could anybody help with this or even upload the model files necessary for them, so that I could just throw them back into the folder and overwrite whatever overwrote them.

Thank you very much in advance!

You can just delete the models that overwrite the turret models and the CFG will auto-replace them the next time you start Garry’s Mod.

Could you by any chance point me towards the name and location of of the model files for the turrets?


Delete everything that starts with w_smg1.
Also remember to delete the materials.

Thanks! I’ll try it right away.

EDIT: Works like a charm, thanks.