Standing a ragdoll withOUT freezing

Hey guys, I’m kinda curious on how to do this here. I’ve seem many videos and such where others apparently kept a ragdoll standing without freezing it so they can do things like hit it with a car or shoot it out a window. I’ve been searching some but I can’t find anyway on how to do this. Can any of you help me with this?

They unfreeze it quickly, then use some invisible thrusters or something like that.


The “R” Key helps too.

There is the statue tool you can use on the ragdoll.

Or alot of the time they use phys_timescale and set it to 0, blast the fuck out of it, phys_timescale it back to 1 and then anything that touches the thing you blasted the fuck out of gets the applied force it had when phys_timescale was set to 0.

To keep a ragdoll standing, pose it, then get the Weld tool, set it to 1000, and weld the torso, to the ground. weld the hands/feet/head if you want to. Dont weld the arms or legs. once thats done, look at it and press R. something a simple as 3 fast pistol shots will break the welds.

That method makes it react to the force you exerted as soon as you put phys_timescale back to 1.