Since I’m horrible at coming up with original ideas I decided I’d start remaking some of my pics from way back in the day when I started sharing my Gmod artwork with the world.

Original. October 12, 2012.


C&C Music Factory please.

I really like the angle

Thanks, I was wondering if I should’ve gone with a different angle but I wanted to keep the remake as close to the original as possible so that’s what I ended up going with.

I dunno, it makes me feel uncomfortable and the composition gives me a claustophobic vibe and it fits the situation you’re portraying.

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So yeah, top notch.

Very nice! Is that the Rust map from Call of Duty in the original? Or am I remembering it wrong.

Looks like an insurgency mod map.

Looks very nice, I really like how you made the blood on that dead insurgent

No, it’s called Rp_Wuste, if I’m not mistaken

I dunno something about all the wasted space taken up by the sky looks a bit off to me, I think you would’ve benefited from tilting the camera more and standing back and zooming in more.

Try using lamps too some rim-lighting would’ve been nice.