Stans Command Redirect

This is a simple addon that is easy to install and edit. When someone types in a command it sends them to a link. It also has a function to say in chat when somone types the command for instance if i where to type in chat !website it would say in blue text Stan has opened the website with !website Obiously this is editable. Enjoy
Read the install.txt

Watch it here:
Enjoy Stan

Oops did I leak ur code ;0

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What ever you say

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it was just a test so what ever

No need to be a dick.

In the future OP I would keep releasing code to bigger projects.

You should fix that.

Thank You

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No need to be an asshole about someone’s early projects.

Thank you

Why do people insist on adding horrible music to their videos…
I had to close it, please remove the music altogether.

My First pretty good music got copyrighted so i had to use youtubes music Sorry

Next time dont use any music at all, and use just voice. If you dont wanna use your voice, then just dont make a video at all/make a quiet(but professional looking) video, there are some out there, wich a good, and have a smooth movement to show all features of their product.


god forbid clicking the mute button :goodjob:

I suggest using github rather than mediafire, that way people can view your code. Also, all you did was post something you found on a github or even on this forum.

For example, I posted this to my github over a year ago.

Yes, the difference between the two is he added an arbitrary chat print that tells everyone that someone decided to check the rules.

Yeah I agree use github… also make a command table something that people can easily add commands! You can do something like this

Myfancytable = {}
Myfancytable.Command1 = {"!website", "}
Myfancytable.Command2 = {"!donate", "}

Then just loop through the table and ask if the text is the command and then run the website

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Use big man Tyrone :slight_smile:

You didn’t properly close your strings.

That also seems like a pretty roundabout way of doing it, just set the key as the command, and the value as the website you want.

i was on my phone sorry but yeah just a simple way