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I was wondering if anyone could port the models from The Star Citizen Hangar module?
I would do it myself, but I don’t know how to do it and don’t have the time to learn it.

Would be awesome.

Not to nerco, but since this forum is the number 1 spot on the internet for porting models, and this thread still pulls up on google. I’ll update the thread with some info. I’ve had some success exporting textures with ninjaripper (they’re also in DDSv2 form in the PAK files), and a mess of object files which are very hard to sort through. The greybox models which are available here and here are really ugly in comparison to a proper UV mapped model. The previous ways to export SC models does not work.

Star Citizen models are pretty insanely complex. I don’t think CIG minds if people manage to rip them, but they haven’t made it easy.

Getting them into Source would be a pretty remarkable feat as well if that’s your goal. You’d almost certainly have to compile them as several separate models.

CryEngine models are typically too complex for Source as a general default. I remember seeing a decompiled model from Ryse, and the character’s face alone had more bones than SFM supports for a single model. You’d need to do a lot of reworking to get it into SFM in a sane form, and you can probably forget about Gmod.

Hi All

There are many Way´s to get Star Citizen Models.

One is to Extract them from the Game. There are Tools in the Star Citizen Forum.
Very complex to do this.
An other Way is to download them in CTM Format from Star Citizen.
Open with CTM Viewer, a small 3D Viewer ( you can Export them in OBJ ).

For Example. This aren´t all.
The Freelancer will give you an 225MB OBJ File.
Next Problem: They are without Textures (sometimes without UV´s)

For the Moment i´m working on the “FLARE” Models.
Low Poly Versions. I think that should be Backgroundships (extracted from the
Flare Folder)
Work in procress.
Samples will follow soon.

Have Fun

Any models for the characters? Privateer, Marine/Heavy Marine, Explorer, etc. Most of the good pictures are around page 6

Those are actually the greybox models, they aren’t the actual game assets. The greybox are terrible low quality compared to the ingame assets.

The assets are in game an accessible but like @Grenadiac and @The Kins wrote they’re incredibly time consuming to put together (pre alpha 2.4). Nowadays the tools to covert the cgm files don’t work it seems. I could try to capture some characters from the PTU (with armor, etc) with ninjaripper, but it’d be much better if a new conversion tool was figured out to be able to rework the ingame assets (which aren’t encrypted). And CIG will eventually get around to releasing a dev kit / mod tool.

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To Cylonproject

This are a few raw Exports from an old and an older Asset.
(Pre 2.0 i think)
Perhaps you can use them. Most are to big to handle for me,
so i´ve only tested the obj with Meshlab.

To DirectorGunne

Sorry for the double posted Links. I have not read your linked Page befor my Post.

You wrote the Tools don´t work on New Assets?
I´ve heard that the obj version works, but only the collada version don´t work.
Seems that you have the Game, so if you are willing to share a few small
Samplefiles of Models and Textures i can test it with a few Tools.

Thanks in advanced.

Have Fun

By the Way.

If anyone is interested.

A few Weapons from the old Assets.

Have Fun

Quick update on those trying to figure out how to convert 2.5 assets for fan art use.
With and following the following directions you can convert most of the pre 2.5 ships using 3DS Max.
You’ll want to do this before 2.6 drops in a few days.

The only problem I’ve run into so far, besides not knowing external part offsets, is some of the textures for the Aurora do not covert.

If someone can help figure this out, here’s a log of what texture files did not convert for the Aurora.

adding this to bookmarks, definently interesting!

Does any know if there’s a forum which still has a torrent to the leaked SC build? with the early Bengal and capitol ships? It’s worse than trying to pan for gold during a mudslide at the base of an exploding volcano in trying to find those assets to play with. fml :confused: