Star Cruiser Yamato

First, Some background:
In this anime from 1973, the Earth has been rendered practically impossible to live on, with humanity losing a war to evil aliens who have destroyed our entire space force, and are bombarding our planet with radioactive asteroids.

We get a message from another group of aliens, from the Greater Megallanic Cloud, providing plans for an FTL drive and saying they will give us a device that can rejuvinate our planet.

To save time, the “star force” decides to convert an old, sunken battleship (The Yamato from the Second World War) into a spaceship, and go to get the “cosmic DNA device” (which can fix our planet.)

What I want:

a model of this (IMHO) really cool looking ship
(If you want to make it a vehicle, that’s cool too, but don’t work yourself too hard, for someone who you don’t know :P)


  • Note the little people; those are to scale.

Motherfucker that is awesome.

Seriously, someone model this.

Just for the sheer epic of it.

God I remember watching this show as a kid on VHS.
I feel old now… and nostalgic… but it feels oh so good.

Although it’s not likely to happen (modeling that’d be a nightmare, it seems), it does look epic. Good luck guys!

Jesus tittyfucking Christ, yes.
Do it do it do it do it do it.

This would be epic if it was made i also remember watching this show while i was a kid.

Wouldn’t this be more worthwhile if it was made into a map, cause by the looks of it, it’s pretty fucking huge.

Shh, we want a prop/SENT and a map, you retard.

Who crapped in your coffee, was just a suggestion towards a much more worthwhile alternative.