Star Destroyer SWBF Rogue One DLC

Hi guys,
the title more or less says it all. I need an Imperial Star Destroyer from the Rogue One DLC from the Infiltration map. I need the 3d model, if possible in .fbx, and as well the texture. Would be very happy if someonen found the time to do me the favor.

Thx in Advance,


Is the ISD in the roque one dlc different from the deathstar dlc? It seems all death star ISD downloads were removed. i’m not sure if the roque one version would survive potentially being struck.

I could re-up the death star puzzle ISD, but i don’t wanna risk my accounts. EA are a lil more strict.

It’s an Imperial-class I Star Destroyer, but the Death Star DLC one is an Imperial-class II Star Destroyer. But if it is to risky for you, I’ll try to get the details from the Death Star one. Too bad