Star fox (krystal model) Needs skinned and rigged and compiled

I ripped this model if anyone would like to take a whack at fixing it, PM me.I can tell you this is a hight poly model, and all i have is the .OBJ file.

And please if you fix it , release it please.And if you want to fix it the way you want it (different skins or whatever).

It looks awfully high poly to be a Gamecube model… I’ll see what I can do with it if you want to send it to me,

Gamecube was more powerful than you think. It might be from a prerendered cutscene and if it isn’t, then it’s probably lower poly than it appears.

this is that model from that krystal fury cult. another member there converted it to UT03, and so I’ve ripped that one. atleast the ut03 one isn’t like one million polygons

this isn’t the one from GC, it was made by someone else.

Yeah, this one looks way too high to be useful in a game engine…

Woah…that’s awesome. C_C
Do want…

it’s A poser rip. boots lando showed me how to rip poser models.


give me A minute and I will send you the down load link.

It really looks like it was a solid model before someone went absolutely crazy with the mesh smooth/turbo smooth modifier. it has a ridiculous amount of detail that just doesn’t need to be there. It might make a good normal map for most of the body but not after a lot of editing… I’ll bring it down to size in polycount and see if I can make it look a little more like the original Gamecube model. I’m going to use Starfox assault as my refrence so I guess I should go rent it or something… that would be a lot easier than doing this other outfit.I’m tinkering with this while I’m thinking about my unwraps on Kosmos so it will probably be a bit slow but I’ll show off a lower count model soon.

Wow, thanks. Gold star for you.

Well I’ve been working with Krystal for a little while now, and it was an exercise in pain and torture… No not really, it just took awhile to clean up all of those awful pinch fires and the ridiculous amount of polygons used to make it… over 150,000. There’s no way a game would ever use that much… so I knocked it down to a more reasonable 4000 (without hands and toes… I need to remake those. Oh, and eyes and hair too.) Anyway, I’m going to reshape her body a little too… she looks a bit thick in places where she shouldn’t really look thick and kind of short for her body type so I’ll work on that a bit to get her to look like she is wearing her Armada suit so texturing won’t be too hard… Here’s what she looks like now at 4000 polygons.

Wow, that is awesome.


You know, I have alot of other models that need this done to. :smiley:

Right now really isn’t a good time for me to take on a ton of projects at once… I’ve got plenty to do right now, but maybe when I free myself up I will take a look. I’m not exactly getting paid for any of these so I’m going to go at my own pace. I’m glad you’re interested though!

damn, your pretty good.

how did you reduce the polycount. in 3dmax I’d have to do it manually, by selecting edges to remove. otherwise I could use the optimize modifier, but that losses UV information

I would too also like to know how you do it? :smiley:

yeah and operation like such would take me hours, and hours. only resulting in a bad edge flow

Ohhh, I never ever ever use the optimize modifier for anything. I don’t really trust ‘automatic’ tools because they never seem to do exactly what I want. I do use the loop and ring tools a lot for selecting though. They speed everything up when it comes to removing whole edge loops. For this model I used the select by element to select the little jewelry things and the pieces of her costume. I deleted those completely, along with other unnecessary details like the hair (which had three copies of it all stacked onto itself) and the inside of the mouth. then, I deleted half of the model. Without any distinctive features, it’s okay to delete it then use the mirror ‘reference’ tool so you can edit one side and the other side will get the exact same edits, only mirrored. Then, I detached her head, tail, arms and legs from the main body, selected the loops that werent’ needed and removed them. I had to do this several times to get the poly count down. I ran into trouble on her face, and hands. They have what I call pinch fires… which is where the turbo or mesh smooth modifiers try to solve triangles on a low poly version into quads for a high poly version… since it is easier to smooth a model that is all quads. It makes vertices outside of normal edge loops and makes little shadowy ‘pinched’ areas when you render. Those drive me nuts and are hard to get rid off… I deleted her hands completely and removed whole areas of her face to fix those things. There is still a lot of work to do because of the silly way the original artist created this model… there was a lot of unnecessary geometry stuck inside the model and her eyes were one continuous orb with modeled irises on top… so I will be closing those off and either making them separate orbs or just fixing them to the head and let them be painted on. I’m not sure what I will do for the mouth yet… I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

Holy shit, her head is huge.

Yeah… it is pretty big… but I think that’s kind of the way it is for these types of creatures.

It will look better once it is in garrys mod.

Okay, I’ve got a pretty big update for this model… seeing as now she has hands and complete feet and such. I decided to include my wireframes on this one so you can see how far it’s come from being a 150k monster to a very respectable 4200. I’m still going to have to decide what to do about those facial features but it isn’t that big of a deal.