Star Trek Assault Phaser

pew pew!

Loads to do yet

So it’s a water gun.

So you’re a water gun.

Good start, but I don’t think much of your plastic rendering, hard to make out some details

Is it 2005 again?

Looking good. You’ve got the curves and the look down pat, but as you said, there’s a lot to go.

Haven’t played with max in about a year, working out the grooves again.

Wait, what movie is this one from? The new one? I can’t really tell sorry.

Cool you’re not dead.

Looks hot.

I think from The Undiscovered Country and The Final Frontier, but I could be wrong.

dav0r we were gonna model a car together you were going to model the car and i was modeling the wheels what the heck man you stopped modeling i forgive you though

Wow, Dav0r is back with a venegance! Looking great so far.

Lots of different versions of it floating around the net, so won’t be accurate to one

Is it a first or second generation phaser?

It was in The Final Frontier.

thats kule

I’d say it was final pretty much, just gonna work on the Mag a little more.

Phasers never had magazines…just power cells…XO

Heh. Looking better and better, Dav0r. Keep up the good work!

Maybe it’s just me, but the rear part of the upper shield thing is too bland/long looking

you should try to make the phasers from the next generation like the phaser pistol and rifle.

where are the bells and whistles and blinking lights dang it