Star Trek DS9 Uniforms

I light of the recent release of the USS Voyager, I decided to finalize and release my late era Star Trek uniforms, the direct sucessor of the Voyager era uniforms I released earlier. These were featured in the later seasons of Deep Space 9, and the later Star Trek movies. Included in the pack are 16 hexed citizen skins, 5 of which are aliens, all of which have different facemaps then the ones from group01. All have kickass normalmaps and a conservative amount of phong.
The alien species include:
A male Klingon/crap hybrid (A product of a klingon and one of the one episode aliens that they’d pull from when they needed a new alien species. And of doing it at one in the morning.)
A male trill (pictured, LtCmdr)
A female Bajoran (She was a commader in the Voyager era uniform pack, so I promoted her to captain)
A male bolian (same from the last pack, also got a promotion, doesn’t overwrite the standard male_04)
A female Orion (Yeah. You owe me one.)

By popular demand, I uploaded it to

you sir have my download this iswell cool can’t wait to use them

Another amazing Star Trek skin pack! Very nice job Lt.Commander!

These are really cool, but I think it would be really cool if you or someone else turned these into npc. Just a suggestion.