Star Trek: Intrepid

After months of on and off work, I am finally able to present my longest single comic, Star Trek: Intrepid.

It’s a shame facepunch really sucks when displaying large images. I’d suggest going to PHW to read it like it’s supposed to be read.

The editing and posing really leave something to be desired, as do the star fields, and some of the special effects. That being said, I hope you enjoyed the comic anyway. I don’t claim to have good editing skills, but I hope the idea was conveyed through the minimalist edits.
The starfields were unchanged from the ones found by default in the spacebuild maps. I did make an edit switching it to something nicer looking, but I felt an edited background took away from the “old fashioned” source comic look that I was trying to capture.
If you find any typos or grammar mistakes, I’d appreciate a heads up on those.
This comic wouldn’t have been possible without the the USS Voyager models by apawninthedark. Great work on that. The insert flashback image of the combine/indigenous people was posed by Nirrti.

I’m not big on the whole star trek thing imo, always found that show to be weird. but overall i thought the comic was pretty good and story was something to worth reading to. Good stuff.

The story is very interesting, and could easily become something great in time.

2 things though: Where is Picard (TNG represent) and why is Tali with combine forces.

Presumably because he wanted to take advantage of the very nice Combine Tali model that was released.

:open_mouth: might have to check that out later.

This is perhaps one of the best comics seen around in this section for a suitably long time. I love it, do keep making more!

Umm, i didn’t read it completely, but, why is the combine in a star trek comic? It doesn’t make sense!

Indeed you didn’t. It’s a crossover comic. I’ll explain the techno-babble if you really want me to, but I don’t feel that it’s important or would be appreciated by those trying to read the comic.

Because starfleet is more then just one ship. It’s a fleet of hundreds of ships spanning lightyears.

And since I made the combine tali skin, I thought I’d put it to use as I intended, like all the characters in the series. Just about all the content in the comic was custom made or modified for this story.

To early to say anything specific, but an interesting crossover. Looks alright so far. Will be watching out for future developments.

Star Trek, in Freeman’s World!? Not in my source you don’t!

Nah, just kidding. Good to see you’re slowly getting behind the wheel of comics, and not just being a skin credit on some list :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a big Star Trek fan and I really enjoyed this comic. The Star Trek/Half Life crossover is a interesting idea. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

I really liked the show Star Trek, and I love Half-Life. I do believe that you merged the two flawlessly, and put it all together in a really epic comic. Great work Lt_C!


It may have been unintentional, and I may have been reading too much into it, and I could just ask LT_C… but here’s my nerd-crafted theory instead lol. Please correct me if I’m wrong Lt_C

I viewed this as an alternate timeline to Half Life 2, differing in that the combine did NOT infiltrate earth around 2010. (according to Half Life 2)

Undisturbed, humanity went on to discover warp, make contact with the Vulcans, and found starfleet and the united federation of planets. (According to Star Trek)

In the late 24th century, a more advanced humanity finally made first contact with a more aggressive Combine.

  • The only thing I don’t understand is why they are on an exploratory mission into the Alpha quadrant. Isn’t alpha where Earth is and where 90% of Star Trek takes place? Did you mean gamma?

  • Awesome work tying it in with the Dominion war (I just finished DS9 series)

  • I like how the secretiveness of the misson actually makes it 100% compatible with the canon Star Trek universe

*The poses are fine. I actually like them alot

To all you Star Trek haters:

Setting your space saga ‘A long long time ago in a galaxy far away’ is just a lazy way to avoid making rational sense. Lucas never really has to explain any of his bizarre muppets or magic fights.

(“But it’s the force!” is not a valid explanation, sorry)

Star Trek is the polar opposite. Everything is based on theoretical physics and realistic, interplanetary politics.

If you haven’t seen Star Trek, you should really give it a chance.

Well done.

I would absolutely love if he made a cameo though.

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Very good, very good. I like your attention to timeline detail. Voyager was launched from DS9 during DS9’s… third season? So Intrepid takes place during season five DS9 (The stardates indicate season five/season three of VOY) or 2373 judging by the Dominion War scaling up and the DS9-era uniforms. Meaning the Intrepid was refitted two years after Voyager was launched. Neat.

Tiny detail: The First Officer appears to be a Lieutenant Commander. Kinda odd for such an experienced XO.

Also, why are they mapping the Alpha Quadrant? Though as an argument against the previous poster, I’d say it’d be even stranger if they were mapping the Gamma Quadrant. That place is a bit… tumultuous, at the moment.


I worked out the timeline and stardates way back when I decided to do this project. I researched the launch dates of the USS Intrepid from blueprints sites, and found the stardate of the dominion war.

As for exploration into the alpha quadrant, I found this awesome starchart that puts earth at the line of the alpha and beta quadrants. Using that as a base, and using common sense, the alpha quadrant is a quarter of the whole galaxy. On that chart, the Intrepid would be way past the edge of the Helical Nebula. It’s far enough away from everything to be isolated, but not to the extreme of Voyager. I determined a rough cruising speed to determine that at warp 6.xx, you’d end about 500ly away, starting at DS3. There are more dates and events that I have mapped out that I’m saving for future story too.

The XO’s rank and rank in general: The first officer of Voyager was a Lt. Commander at its launch, as was his replacement. Murrell’s rank reflects the rank of a standard cruiser’s first officer. We’ll be finding a bit more about Murrell in the next episode.

As for the combine, we’ll find out how they got here in the next one too.

Applause, good sir. I apologize for doubting the degree of your trekdom. But I must warn you, you are making me really anxious of making my own idea for the next ST-franchise (yeah, that’s right- I have an entire new Star Trek series thought out in my head, wanna fight about it?) into comic form, which would be a lot of work. Don’t put me through that, you son of a bitch.

I don’t even like star trek and I enjoyed reading this.