Star Trek Map: U.S.S Defiant (WIP)

Hey people!

I had a cool thought today while browsing thats I should make a starship map. Now I’ve done a few maps here and there and a couple of spaceship maps, and after a while I run out of ideas xD and then stop making the map SO! I decided that the defiant is a small ship, lets see how small it actually is and it only has 4 decks and I was like COOL! I could totally make that and then started hunting for schematics xD eventually I came across some goodish ones, but I think after a while Ill need MORE!

Here be the webpage I found with pictures and shizzle:

Now, I am not very good at all xD at making textures, so I was hoping that my fellow gmod/trek fans could help me get some good star trek textures, including the screens that the press and stuffs! Also some more blueprints or schematics would be mighty handy, and blah blah, you guys get the jist. At present I have no screen shots for you, but Ill get on it asap and put some links to some sexy eyecandy for your viewing pleasure (of the ship in SDK).



It’s a good idea, Though you should really provide some pictures showing your work,

as it says in the rules

Make USSR ship :v:

USSR Vodka

Progress since I woke up today :v:

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Mkay, so what Id done this morning felt kinda failish and I was having some problems so I deleted all the walls and remade the supports and I think it looks alot better now :slight_smile:

My advice to you is make a voyager map, where you can walk all over the ship and stuff be great for rp.

Is there something wrong with the Defiant? I can always make voyager next

i would kill for a voyager map :smiley:

No theres nothing wrong with it at all, it just that a voyager map where u can walk around the ship freely would be mind blowing.

snif Русский стандарт

If it’s finnish ship it could be: FSS Kossu.

Для коммунизма.

Id love a voyager map too, but Id like a defiant map, the defiant is small so I thought Id start small.

Been hunting for Defiant plans and finally found some :3 YAY! Can someone help me find Voyager plans also?

Hey dunno if this site will help or if you’ve come across it before but it has pictures of some of the more notable places in Voyager with peoples on them for scale
and this is the bridge subsection etc etc. Hope its of some help :stuck_out_tongue:

I see that you have indeed seen it looking at the 1st post. Anyway… here it is again and please excuse my ignorance