STAR TREK ONLINE Starships models

Hello, could anyone to extract these starships in obj with textures from STAR TREK ONLINE please ?









Thanks a lot

I got all these ships of these ships recently. I am still working on them (getting the textures to load properly) but I can keep you posted. (Turned my attention to 'Trek since pretty I’ve done pretty much everything I can as of yet in relation to Star Wars.)

Yeah, how are those coming?

Hey Fleet admiral, I am curious about the Character models, did you have any luck ripping those?

I went crazy with NinjaRipper and ripped almost the entire library database. Character models, ships, some maps, personal gear, outfits etc. The only things I haven’t successfully ripped yet are the Iconian Heralds and the new Terran Empire guys. The models I have ripped so far are still in the NinjaRipper .rip format so I can’t say that these models are ready for a final release yet. But when they are, all aspects of the Star Trek universe will be at Gmodders’ disposal.

Aw man, this is great.

I don’t have a problem with the Terran Empire’s new soldiers I’ve already ported Admiral Leeta for example, (will get the others when they are added to foundary mode as it’s offline right now), but it’s the Terran Empire ships that I am in question about. I know they’re just reskinned Federation ships but here is the thing. With launch of the A New Dawn expansion Cryptic Studios changed the colors of the Terran ships from the “In A Mirror Darkly” Yellow to red.



I’m not so sure I like the red. It looks too much like Star Trek Of Gods and Men’s Galactic Order colors.

I’m not saying Of Gods and Men was a bad movie, it wasn’t, I’m just saying that the red is the Order’s color not the Terran Empire’s. Sorry about that little rant there but yeah.

Foundry is back up! Also, I agree, red is still sort of a federation color, and yellow for Terran ships (at least in the past) is actually canon

I think the red in STO was actually inspired by Sean Tourangeau’s ‘Dark Mirror’ ships.

If you view the ships info in a demo file, the costume name is “Dark Mirror”. Or at least it was a few months ago when they first hit the test server.

I wonder how far his influence extends. Anyway I’m working on getting the Terran soldiers now.

Did you happen to grab the Imperial Class skin for assault cruisers?

I did.

Just to let everyone know. I’ll try to have this stuff out by the end of the week as FBX files.

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I have to ask though. I can’t help but be curious flodu90000 as to what it is your are using all these models for. If it’s some sort of big Star Wars/Trek crossover animation of the sorts, perhaps you and I can help each other out. That’s what I’m using these models for.

They updated the Prometheus and Akira ground models in the foundry to the new updated models. They would be easier to grab since they’re one solid model.

Although I have not touched them in a few months I am currently working on a Star Trek citizens pack for sfm the characters of sto would help for getting aliens and stuff. That’s my interest at least.

It’s a good interest. Though I just rip the models but don’t port to SFM. Considering the massive number of models I have in my inventory, I feel like it would be too much work and with finals coming, I think you take my meaning. Besides that I am going to be slowly moving all my data onto a new computer, one that will hopefully run the animation software more smoothly than my current one.

I’d like to have every star trek ship available for GMOD. It’s kinda ridiculous this hasn’t happened.

Ha ha yeah I can still use them. And totally know how finals go.

What I’ve done so far:

I wish I still had time to do comics, I’d love to dig in and continue my old series in SFM. Now that I have the ability to make the content I need in a way that’s satisfactory, I no longer have the opportunity to do it.

It’s good to see star trek character models more refined then the ones I did ages ago.

Lt_C you paved the way for me to do so these citizens are based from your scifi citizens!

Since the thread is primarily about Star Trek Online models I figured I do everyone the benefit of sharing my workflow for anyone else who wants to give it a go.

For Ninja Ripper:

  1. I have always had mine pointed to the “Star Trek Online.exe” that opens the launcher which handles login. Yours is timing out because the launcher never ran which handles the server connection.
  2. Start by pointing your Ninja Ripper to the above EXE instead.
  3. Set the wrapper mode (drop down list right below the “Run” button) to “D3D11 Wrapper” then click “Run” to launch it.
  4. Close the STO launcher down, and navigate to your STO game installation: mine is D:\Program Files (x86)\Cryptic Studios\
  5. In the top folder for the game install (where the “Star Trek Online.exe” is located) Ninja Ripper copied a file named “d3d11.dll” there as part of the “D3D11 Wrapper” selected earlier.
  6. Go in the Star Trek Online Live folder, mine is: D:\Program Files (x86)\Cryptic Studios\Star Trek Online\Live (where the “GameClient.exe” is located)
  7. Copy the “d3d11.dll” to this location, make a backup of any overwritten files if needed.
  8. Close and launch Ninja Ripper, set the wrapper back to Intruder mode and click “Run”
  9. Launch into the game like normal and try to do a capture.
  10. Hope it works!
    Though I do recommend changing one thing about this step by step process, and I observed this when I first started ripping models from STO. I originally had the wrapper set to DX11 when I attempted a capture all I got was the imagery of the character’s HUD. After a recommendation from Tuskin, who also made the attempt, I changed the wrapper to DX9 and it works perfectly.

Just to let everyone know though, if you do a capture in game it will rip the entire map so be prepared to wait out a freeze frame time penalty of anywhere between 2 and 4 minutes, unless you are grabbing individual models from character/ship customization screens and Foundry mode which is what I’ve been doing, unless I absolutely cannot find a certain object then I’ll do an in game capture. Each individual Frames folder will have several hundred .rip models so to get the ones you want you’ll have to look at the texture thumbnails and find the corresponding to that

And sometimes not all the textures load automatically, like clothing and ship hulls, and eyes. I haven’t worked that bug out yet. But all the textures are in the folders.