Star Trek Panorama

When I pose bridge scenes, I rarely get the opportunity to get all the poses I make in one shot, so I stitched together 6.

The male models are using my reskins of the enhanced citizens. Expect a release on those soon.

Yeah yeah, I know, AA etc. Whatever.


I have not seen a panorama in ages. Great work Lt.

holy mother of god, i think my screen stretched a little…

great stitch and posing

Pretty long if you ask me.

I think it looks pretty good!

pretty cool idea and execution!

so cool

great posing

Impressive. Not a Star Trek fan, but seen enough of it to know how the bridge should look like. Art it is.

I’m pretty sure the MSD displays a Nova class, not a Sovereign, and the map looks like ported Elite Force 2. So I am pretty sure that really all you did was the posing, which I must say, is bloody brilliant! Except the captain looks really “hurr”

Hey, you’re right! Or, rather, it’s not a Sovereign-class. Can’t tell wether it’s a Nova-class, but it’s possible. None the less it’s a very nice shot.

It’s a model in the starship pack that was recently released, and the MSD is definitely a sovereign -albeit a shortened one- but not a nova. Way too many decks.

I may have not done the bridge, but I did do the uniforms.