Star Trek Textures

Does anyone know where I can obtain some Star Trek Textures. I’m looking for mainly corridor textures and some console textures from The Next Generation.

I can’t seem to find any anywhere

If anyone can help me I’d appericate it.

No offense, but make them yourself, you can’t re-lie on other people to do your work. Also its very simple to make your own textures.
Go here:

That guide tells me how to create .vmts and .vtfs. I also have no artistic talent.

Read it! Your take pictures or any image and convert them into texture files or vmf/vtf

The problem is I can’t find any pictures that are of size or angle of what I need. Can anyone recommend something?

Buy Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force (one or two), take screenshots of the walls/corridors and then resize them and convert them.

Nuff’ said.

Thank you. I think they will probably have it at Wall-Mart :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s probably $10 now, and it’s a great game anyways.

Looking at the game. I’m still going to buy it but the textures are low res. Anywhere else I could get images?

The internet!

You could probably extract them somehow. And some guys are already making ST maps, maybe the OP should ask them for textures. And there is a ST mod under developement too.

We call that opening up the .pk3 files with WinRar and converting the .dds files.

Either way; star trek is awesome and you have my full suport on this. If you can get the textures and need any help just ask me.

Tell me iff you can get it to work…

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