Star Trek TNG Enterprise D

Hey, just wanted to share some pictures of my map, and to get some input, and possibility get some help with it. It’s a very large project, But I have been trying to work on it for the last few months. Here are some of the pics.

If you need any models for anything, I am more then happy to share. If you want to help out, with the map that’s cool too, just let me know.

Right now I have the bridge and ready room started. Also started on some halls and made a basic holodeck, but it still needs alot of work. Also got engineering started, but that still only in the starting up stage.


Oh and Galaxy Class > Sovereign Class :smiley:

Map download

Can I do a suggestion? Take a look at the map gm_startrekTOS_v6. It may help you.

I have seen it and its very good, but I have never seen the .map file if that is what you mean.

wait…".map" file? Is this for gold source?

Wow this already look’s brilliant to me nice work ! :smiley:





You better have alert statuses on that thing or i will send the borg after you :argh:

And I will send the… the… Other Star Trek bad guys

-snip- Of course it isn’t

Counter-Strike: Source anyone?

How does that even look like 1.6?

Maybe because he said .map file people could have tough it was for 1.6… for people who don’t play it.

Yes it is, I load stuff into CSS because it seems to take a lot less time to load compared to Gmod.

It does. Gmod has to load all of your addons and stuff.

Strange, I am sure the map looked so much better on Star Trek Gamers…

Still I hope it turns out good!

I put some time into the map tonight. and made a proper viewer screen model. Here are some pics.

Hey Dude love your map so far how long until you think it’s done I can’t wait to play on it! Also is it the full ship or just the important parts?


If it’s for Counter Strike you can still play it on “garrysmod”.


Species 8472.

Those were ONLY on Star Trek Voyager, in the Scorpion two-parter.



I will probably make a release once the bridge ready room and conference room are done. I will also release the map source file too, so people can build on it. I won’t have time do the hole ship. I do want to do engineering and some hallways.

Awesome Can’t Wait.