Star Trek Uniforms (VOY)

This is V2 of my Star Trek uniforms.

V2 is pretty much right out of the show, or as close as anyone could get with the model limitations. The ones I’m giving out now include VOY/GEN/DS9 uniforms, with a token Bolian male and Bajoran female. Besides those two, the ranks and divisions on the characters are exactly the same from V1. (i.e. male_09 is still a Capt, etc) All are hexed, and the two aliens are separate hexes from their original models.



I also have the late DS9/FC uniforms in the mix, but I’ll be releasing them when I hex and finish them.

UPDATE: download:

Nice! :smile:

Pretty slick!

Not bad at all… well done. :slight_smile:

Can you upload them to

For this, you have my babies. Thank you.

An excellent addition to the star trek stuff already out and about.

I was kinda hopeing for the uniforms from the movie : P But these are nice.

Awesome man :iia:


:clint: really likes this.

Very good quality, I remember there used to be some TOS skins out there, they weren’t however as nice as these.

I’d be willing to work with a modeler to make the uniforms from the new movie, by the citizen model just won’t cut it.

Also, a pic of the DS9 version.

Brilliant, love these.

Yes, please make it so!

my god good star trek skins at last you got my download good work btw :smiley:

Hot. Fucking love these.

Wow, these look great. Nice one.

These are great

P.s Red shirt guy dies first



** because ApwnInTheDark’s Voyager is on the front page. :v:

I think that you should release this on I can’t seem to be able to download this on the link you gave us. These would go great with ApwnInTheDark’s ships.