Star Treks models

Could anyone attempt to port anything star trek related into gmod 13 please?

if you are going to port starships the best place to start is probably the star trek legacy mod ultimate universe which contains loads more ships and factions such as the Terran empire, S-31 etc

30 seconds on searching “trek” would have yielded great results. Try to look like you at least tried before you decided to muck up this forum with a single sentence request thread.

Good idea, but considering that they’re ported for older Gmod versions, it’s not necessarily a given that they’ll work for Gmod 13. Always worth a shot, though. When in doubt, try it out.

sorry … what i meant was the the ones on may not work on gmod 13

Most models work fine whether they were made pre or post GMod13 update.

However, this is not one of those cases because all the Star Trek ships I have broke.

There’s nothing inherently different between gmod 12 and gmod 13 models. All you usually have to do is change info.txt to addon.txt

The only addons that might create issues are ones that use anything with lua.

like the startrek addons because for some reason most of them do use lua

there’s no difference between gmod12 and gmod13 models.