Star Wars Aayla Secura ...anyone ?!

Hello Facepunch i was wondering if someone can ragdoll Aayla Secura from Star Wars … as far as i know the model is in Star Wars Battlefronts 2 so if anyone can make her …

here is ref pic

battlefront 2 models are quite crappy, you should request this in shotgunguy’s thread with one of these jedi knight models.

I support this all the way. This model ain’t too bad:

battlefront 2 models are way better than the models made on quake 3 arena engine … so i vote for BF 2 model

I have the BF2 model of her, it’s shit.

may be but the q3a model is worse

Why do you not believe me when I tell you the model is a steaming pile of shit.

I will NOT port it.
I will port Marz Marshall’s model though.


you must have never seen any battlefront 2 glitches.