[Star Wars]Battle for the swamps.

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And, bonus! A picture from the comic i am making!


P.S. I will make more, Joazzz, i will, i must compete. And you are not my father >.<

P.P.S. Screw the levitating soldiers. Not my fault D:

All the images are down! D:
and I want to see these!

All images? Hell D:

I will make mirrors on imageshack

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How is it now?

Bad lighting and lasers are just randomly placed everywhere. Lasers aren’t even going straight. Weapon muzzleflashes aren’t the right color. Lasers don’t go through your body, it makes a burnt hole in your armor. Why do some lasers have a different shape than others? Explosion effect is way too big for the at-rt and there’s no lighting near it. The color doesn’t fit too. The reflection on the water from the at-rt looks like you just painted colored in the shape and made it less bright.Theblaster scarring on the droids and clones are shitty. All you did was darken that spot. Turn on super dof or turn on AA to the max. I can see a lot of jagged lines. As for your last picture, I can’t tell whats going on. What’s shooting what?
Overall, you need to improve your lighting and graphics. Posing is average.

They are ok.

Dammit, my spacing broke.

Thanks for the criticism, i will count that. I really think the second image is a complete fail, i couldn’t distort the reflection right and it came out shitty, but i wanted somebody to point out other things and posted it.

I wnated it to look like it is a hard battle and many droids just shoot the direction they saw or seemed to see clones, because almost all the soldiers are hidden. I posed many battle droids and commander battle on the oposite site, but because of trees and rocks we can’t even see them, plus super dof raped droids hard.

The last (not bonus) picture is a fail too. I tried to make it look more real, but the clone couldn’t hold this DC carabine and look like alive and i want somebody to give me an advice how to pose him in such position and make him look real.

Your criics about the bonus is not even constructive and i can’t respond.

Why are there so many commander grees?


Oh, about the last pic. I can’t see anything. Put a little more light around the muzzleflash area.


Here are some good gun posing tutorials. And you can also use some reference images from the movies to see how the clones shoot their weapons.

It is supposed to be nighttime. I made the dinosaur hidden, so we can see only his head and a hand, but the soldier is not in such dark truly. I have no idea why you can’t see it. THe muzzleflash is enough (or maybe too) bright and lights a small area around as it should…

Already read them.


They shoot in various ways, just like normal soldiers.
I made a lot of mistakes posing droids, because i forgot that droids never aimed in the movie. They always shoot from a hip. But succesfully (or not) we can’t see them.

Oh yes, and muzzleflashes on the picture fucked up after color balance editing. By the way, the original pictures without color balance looked so dead and unreal so i couldn’t just close my eyes D:.

The bonus is the best one. The main pictures are really bland and the lasers are really random. Posing is pretty decent but the angles aren’t good and everything looks… empty. There just isn’t the feeling of a huge battle going on. Also, a nerdy nitpick: Why are some of the guys in Phase I armor while all the other guys are in Phase II armor? Why would they recycle the older design?

Army of clones is always devided into different squads, who are on for different objectives. So they have wear different armor. But thats another fault, mark I armor is out of theme here and it was not in use during the battle on Kashyyyk.