Star Wars - Battle of Hoth

What is Star Wars without John Williams? That’s right.


A plenty of content this time. Spent some time making these too.

All of the shots, except the second one, are based on actual clips from the movie.

Uncropped version of the second one for better comparison with the original:


I was first going to scenebuild everything, but then decided to use scenebuilding only as a reference for the final edit. I apologize if the snow is crappy, it’s my first try at editing any kind of snow :v:

Comments, please.

I like it, felt abit disapointed over no snowtrooper-rebel action, but this was nice too.

I love you…

Oh my. It’s like seeing the movie again. Totally awesome Joazzz. I am lost for words. It is pure pleasure to see work that benefits from such dedication.

One of my favorite “scenes” in the whole star wars saga.

Loving the one where they’re cabling the AT-AT :holy:

This is awesome! And thank god it’s not Star Wars style generic.

i came

Rebels aiming at off-screen Darth Vader and Stormtroopers on Tatooine.

Fuck yeah. :flashfap:

Too bad there are no snow camo rebels or decent Snowtrooper models.

Me like very much.


I love them!

cool stuff.

Great cable edit, and most of the smoke looks really nice too. You just need to start shading it to make it look 3D.

The picture of the snowspeeder exploding…

I came.

I did.


This is some very cool stuff.

oh god please do more of the same theme

I love this shit. :redface::fh:

Holy fucking shit Joazzz!
These look amazing!