Star Wars Battlefront 1 2015 - Imperial Army + Weapons[/t][t][/t][t][/t]

Fredrika’s releases:


Have you ever jizzed in your pants, but only metaphorically?

I just did.

oh shit didnt notice i posted the thread l0l

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wait a few mins for links

I was wondering where the links were

links are up, the shoretrooper might be released later tonight or tommorow

Cheers mate, wonderfully done.

are you guys working on scenery stuff too? i.e. rebel bunkers, imperial bunkers and overall stuff to use so we have more up-to-date star wars scenery (specifically for cities would be wonderful)

i’m not sure. it’ll be considered, but if it’s done by anyone, it’ll likely be somebody else with me overseeing it.

to those who might be curious about the AT-AT in the last image, those will be released by me in a later date. probably soon. they’re big, though, which means they could be a big more memory intensive than usual. be wary of that. there may also be another surprise coming with the AT-AT.

This might sound noobish but uh… where are the links? All I see are pictures

middle click the pictures, if that doesnt work click the collection link above

great stuff … but I can’t find a download button … I’m new to this kind of stuff so maybe I’m too dumb for it? :wink:

The images are the download links, right click them and open the link in a new tab

ok I AM too dumb … it opens the image in a new tab … not the download :frowning:

With the clones / droids and now with the Stormtroopers, we finally have some really neat looking models ! Great work !

I may be the bad guy saying that but we lacks of good rebels models (troops and ships) to fight with those stormies !

I wish only that we had more scenery to pose those Imperials at)

Middle click on them.

middle click should be working now. someone told me you can only middle click full res images

its working now … thank you! :slight_smile:

What is that middle click?
Google translates literally an intermediate click

I have no sense at all.

You can not right-click on the image to open the link in a new tab.

Please do not hesitate to let me know …

I don’t suppose trying to port the ISD’s and transports are out of the question? I mean the Stormtroopers themselves are pretty damn high quality.