[STAR WARS] Battlefront 2015 Darth Vader

Howdy Howdy Howdy, Zachariah Scott here, and I’ve been looking all over for some brave soul to step up to the task of Porting the Darth Vader model from Star Wars Battlefront (2015). It appears that the model has been extracted from The game by the great Corra_ashu , and can be located from the links within this post but here is a MORE DIRECT LINK. Is there anybody out there up to the task of Rigging this big shiny black fella and bringing him over to SFM and/or Garrys Mod?
If anybody decides to jump to the task, Add me on steam and get into communication. My project is pretty ambitious.

Credit for Luxlox18


He’s asking for a rigged Vader, that’s not rigged, nor is the one Zach posted.

That’s all he’s going to get, so oh well.

a brave Someone has stepped up to the challenge.