Star Wars Battlefront 3 (Free Radical) Models V2(Warning Image Heavy!!!)

Hey everyone it’s been sometime since i released anything from this game and lately there has been a lot going on like the pre-alpha getting released to the public and the very talented Acewell and wobble was able to crack the .RAX (Models) and x2t(textures) that plagued me from ever releasing models back after i stopped. So big thanks to them for all their hard work.

This will be everything for part 1 but more will come over the days this week.

Note:I got really tired close to the end of this pack and stopped including FBX files or renaming the textures to remove the extra numbers.

Anyways lets get started.

First off we have all Era versions of X2 from the Clone Wars to the New Republic Era.

Next we have X1 in all his clothing as well, in my search in the textures i found 2 textures that look like they were at an early stage of development have X1’a hair look like X2’s and have a different color for his armor so i put those in there as well.

Keeping with Characters here is the Clonetroopers and Ep3 Clone Pilot.

Falon Grey

Spoiled Clone Stormtrooper.

Super Battledroid

Rebel Pilot.

Rebel Marksman

Rebel Soldier Basic

Imperial Remnant Stormtroopers

Thanks for sharing! BTW, the last link leads to the Rebel Soldier instead of the Imperial Remnant Stormtroomer 3rd variant.

Fixed,sorry about that it’s so late here i’m about dead after all of this.

thats a awesome release corra. many thanks for sharing it. much appreciate :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing Corra!

Huh. Looking through the X1 and X2 models, it seems parts of these were used in the SWBFES title screens, but they botched the GCW ones: X1 has bulgy eyes and X2 has bad hair. And for some reason they decided to remake the UVs too. It’s nice to finally have clean models for them both.

Oh, and that Skytrooper means we can reskin the 501st Trooper.

The Imperial Remnant stuff is interesting too, and damn was X1 going to be twisted or what! Look at the state of his stomtroopers! I shudder to think what his other experiments look like!

Oh Corra I think you forgot to link the rebel marksman .

Excellent work Corra, some of these models I’ve yet to see and greatly appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into them. Looking forward to future releases in this thread.

Awesome,will help a lot. Are these the final uploads?

There is more to come, if that’s what you are asking.

I wish maps could be extracted. It would be the best thing to get from SWBF3.

Map assets will be coming too. I believe the intention is to rip everything so somebody can recreate, in whole or part, SWBFIII, in whatever engine they see fit.

Someone already is and those models will speed some progress.

I doubt it, that project will probably die in a month.

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Imperial Remnant? They planned on having events post-ROTJ?

Why think that? They are publishing builds every Saturday if you wanna know btw.

They did. It was an element SWBF Elite Squadron kept, though their version of the Imperial Remnant looked different (I think the Stormtroopers just had armour parts removed and had pauldrons there, there were Phase III Dark Troopers too - plus, there were no spoiled Stormtrooper clones there, X1 had just been cloning Wookies)

After you’re done with maps and models can I have the dlls, source code/miscellaneous files?

I uh need them for a game mode of course

Source Code can’t be taken from the build I believe.

Many thanks for share it!!! great models in special clones, thanks for your effort for get them, commander deviss is perfect :smiley:

Do these have normal maps?