Star Wars Battlefront 3 (Free Radical) Models

So it has taken me a hell of a long time since i had access to a old build of Star Wars Battlefront 3 by Free Radical so i took a crack at opening the files and getting the Models and Textures out of the game and even longer to figure out how to open said models and textures and even still some can’t be converted to a known format by 3ds max or other 3d programs but i am slowly getting there.

This pack isn’t that big with a release of models since like i just said above but it is something.

Before i go on with this little post and you get to the list of models and the link to download them i need to explain something.

A lot and i mean a lot of model from SWBF3 was taken from free radical and used in other star wars games after Lucasarts ripped and cancelled the SWBF3 from Free Radical, the games that use models from SWBF3 are and as listed.

Star wars The Force Unleashed 1&2

Kinect Star Wars

Star Wars Battlefront Online (Cancelled)

Star Wars First Assault (Un-released)

So if you happened to come across some of these models before in 3 of those games you now know where they have come from.

All Credit for these models goes to Free Radical for spending a long time working on them and to me for spending months trying to convert them to a known 3d format.


So that means if you need them in another format please use one of those programs to convert it cause i didn’t have time to convert it to any other format, thank you.

Now what does this pack have it in well here is a list.





Laat,(NOTE: it has no texture and probably wont i couldn’t get this one to convert to any know image format for some reason but the UV map is still good)



A TX-130 Mortor Tank (IFT-M) Imperial Version,

Homing SpiderDroid,

Droid Gunship,


Snail Tank (AKA Droid Enforcer Tank)


Rebel Vanguard (Has 2 helmets well 1 and a half 1 it’s vanguard helmet and second a half of a Rebel Forest Helmet),

Rebel Pilot,

Luke Pilot,

Snow Trooper,

Scout Trooper,

Boba Fett,

So now it’s Picture time.


I fucking love you Corra

LOL why thank you, there will be more to come in the future it’s just gonna take time.

These are great, good job! :o

God damn, fine job

I love the storm trooper sniper guy, he’s my favorite. already ported him to GMOD, now im trying to find out Bodygroups (So I can remove helmet and put head…)

You’re awesome :smiley: nice work Corra

Holy shit. This is great. Thanks corra!

The B, X and Y-Wings look pretty good. The A-Wing not so much.

Hot damn. Awesome job getting these.

I think George Luc… I mean Disney gonna sue somebody!

How did you get access to the models if the game was never released or brought out to the public

If you had actually bothered to read the OP:

i didn’t get these from those games but i was just pointing out these are the games lucasarts spread the assets across many of those games,i mean they even took characters from SWBF3 aka General Kota and put in TFU 1&2 so yeah

i got a copy of the alpha build of the game, like i said in the very beginning of my OP i said i got my hands on a build of the game to optimize it’s code.

These are screenshots of the pc version of the game

Wii and or PS3/360/PC version

and if you haven’t seen this

and a Unfinished ending campaign cut scene here

It’s cool to see high poly versions of X1 and X2. I remember fallowing that story. But that also leads to a continuity problem with Rahm Kota in TFU2. He said “You can’t clone a Jedi”. What? but X1 and X2 were clones.

Still this is a great model release Corra, I can only imagine what else is coming. And given that you had that kind of access to the pre-alpha, all I can say is you are so lucky. I would have loved to try it out. Looks like it plays well, with little glitches.

Yeah X1 and X2’s story in elite squadron was really shortened there was gonna be tons more missions in the clone wars and the dark times and about the same amount of the GCW and after missions but with elite squadron only taking like less then a year to release after it’s announcement rebellion didn’t do the whole campaign only took important battles/plot points and put them in their campaign, Rahm Kota was gonna have a major impact in SWBF3’s story and on X2 himself but sadly in elite squadron he was only heard through audio…

Anyways the build i have is got a little bit more optimized on the frames per second side and not a lot of texture ripping and so on and a lot of the campaign missions work but if anyone wants to see more footage on the game and or hasn’t seen it before you can go here he has the very first pre-alpha build that was ported to the xbox 360 but it’s still very fun to watch. Also for the people that think i’ll get in trouble i can’t because this for research only more like preserving the content from a great game that was cancelled.

Force Unleashed has to have a lot of good quality models to rip/port whatever, but thanks on that, Corra, nostalgia struggles so hard.

Wish I could get my hands on that. :suicide:

Never thought in a million years that I’d get to play with these models, thank you VERY much Corra.

It’s hardly breaking continuity if one guy claims you cant clone Jedi, it’s just his characters opinion. Plus that game also shows clones of Starkiller anyway.