Star Wars blaster/laser bolt request

Could someone make the Star Wars blaster bolt into a model?

You can’t just add one in later?

It looks stupid if you do that. Draw a green or red line in paint and compare it to a picture of an actual bolt. Then you will see the difference.

Or, draw a a white line in GIMP or photoshop and (at least in photoshop) use blending options to make it glow with white from inside and red from outside and then finalize it with a bit of motion blur.

Looks way less stupid than a 3d prop of a bolt.

Quoting for incredible truth.

Except that that’s how they did it in the movies. They just drew it in.

Are you using Paint or something for editing? It’s not that hard to do.

Lucas had more advanced technology than MS Paint at his disposal, not to mention an insanely large budget…

Well there wouldn’t be any other way without photoshop, would there? So if someone didn’t have photoshop, then they would have to use either a prop or paint, and paint looks stupid so they wouldn’t use it, so only the prop option is left, correct?

For the original trilogy, they didn’t even have computers. MS Paint is actually more advanced tech than they had; they were just more skilled. With modern tech, it doesn’t need much skill at all. It’s rather easy to make a good-looking laser in Photoshop or the GIMP.

Problem solved.

meh. didn’t work
so, problem not solved

Exactly what didn’t work? Your common sense?

It’s not the hardest thing in the world to google for tutorials especially for something like GIMP.

There, it’s as easy as that. Now I know you might think that “Buz Iz noz an laser bolt” but the concept and the trick is all the same.

You actually have to put a little effort into things. We aren’t going to hand you a solution on a silver platter.