Star Wars Creatures

So far I’ve seen numerous characters, vehicles and starships from Star Wars. But I have yet to see any creatures. That would be awesome to have some in Gmod.

(Note that I’m not requesting all of these creatures, the following are just suggestions)

Wampa (exists in JK3, TFU and BF2)

Tauntaun (exists in JK3 and BF1 &2)

Acklay (exists in BF2 and TFU)

Rancor (exists in BF2, JK3, TFU and KotOR)

Bantha (custom in JK3);37848



JK3 = Jedi Knight 3 Jedi Academy
BF1 = Battlefront I
BF2 = Battlefront II
TFU = The Force Unleashed
KotOR = Knights of the Old Republic

Thanks in advance.

everything except for the acklay is in jedi academy, so porting will be no problem. for SSG, that is. rigging and getting them to do shit might be, tauntauns would make fun vehicles.

A friend and I use to mod JKA, I can see if i can get you some stuff to work with if you want.(I’ll have to dig around my HDD, but I might actually have original copies of the Reek and Nexu.)

Imagine a Reek npc, like the Antlion guard, that would be so awesome…

Battlefront 2 contains most, if not all of these. (I think)

Maybe if it gets ported someone can skin the thing red to become a Cu pa


I’ll be getting JK3 soon, I’ll see what I can do.

oh do take note that there are two different rancors in jedi academy. there’s a regular one, and then there’s a mutated one as well. try to get both? :smiley:

That is important, but what about the ones from KOTOR? They had the big one on Taris, and then smaller “baby” rancors on the Star Forge system’s unidentified(Rakatan)world. Those would be sweet “Antlion-Guardish” type npc’s!

And The Force Unleashed also has several different ones.

What, no one wants those howler things from the first level of Jedi Academy? Or that sand worm from that merchant rescue level we all love to hate?

The worm would be pretty cool, but i don’t recall the “Howlers” you mentioned earlier.

Those little creatures that creatures that attacked you after the shuttle crashed? They’d create those shockwaves that would stun you if you got too close?

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH… Yeah, those would be cool, but they seemed verryyyyyy low polly.

how would one make snpcs out of these models, even if they do get ported?

no, the howlers were quite annoying. if we could get an snpc of the sand worms, that would be awesome.

Acklay and Rancor. NOW
sandworm snpc would be cool
it would also be cool, that that the rancor could pick up players and “eat” them or just throw them away.

You’re all requesting SNPCs to be made, but there’s a problem.
What if the anims can’t be ported.
I can’t port the animations from the JK games.

Npcs are probably a bit much to ask, but ragdolls alone are really useful for epic posing and stuff.

This is true, but cant we still rig a few soldier type characters up to combine skeletons and give them animations?