Star Wars Escape Menu, Plain MOTD.


Could it be that you mixed up the download links at any chance? Nice addons!

Whoops, yeah I did. Will change them around soon. Thank you.

Changed, thank you for letting me know.

Also if you want to push them to github, use this:
Just drag and drop the master folder in there and it will ask you to create a repository, then you can add a comment, save it and then on the top right you can publish it.

Alrighty, will give it a go later/tomorrow. Thank you.


Awww . Ah well I bought pmotd and sad to see it be released free cos then it makes me look Cheap on my server ahha

How is the github link goin?

Will be doing it tomorrow, have been busy with some things. Sorry for the wait, and thanks for reminding. :slight_smile:

No Problem! Looking forward to it.

Could you tell me how to make it so when you spawn in it doesnt open the motd only when they they type !motd :slight_smile:

You can add me on steam and i will help you when i have time.

If you still have Problems with github btw, message me i will help you.

Remove this:

function PMotd(ply)
hook.Add("PlayerInitialSpawn", "PLMotd", PMotd)

Told him over steam already

Thanks guys :slight_smile: