Star Wars game mode?

Ok this WILL be hard but we can do it

1.Star Wars character models wars blaster rifles wars workable vehicles.The x-wing and tie fighter from star wars mod
4. star wars at-at npc like the ones here.
5.someone to make it a game mode

I will update this list.
Character models

blaster rifles


at-at npc

game mode creation

please help!


-snip- woops wrong thread.

That would be so awesome. Though the idea still seems pretty vague, perhaps adding details about how the game mode could work. Do you mean something like Star Wars Battlefront where you slaughter each other? or perhaps Star Wars RP? Be more specific.

Edit: Woops, didn’t look at the original date…

And also, what do you plan to do for this, or is everyone else going to do the work for you?

Forget what I just said, this is ancient xD