Star Wars Imperial Landingcraft

I’m working on a Sentinel Class Imperial Landingcraft from Star Wars, because I can.

The craft is only seen in the movies in one shot for a about a second, if you blink, you miss it. And it’s only there in the special edition.

Mind you that this is only a WIP, no textures yet. It has the inside of the cockpit though. 1260 tris.
I based it mostly on the blueprints, but pretty much all sources contradict each other so I had to compromise in some places.

Also, I don’t do requests, just so you know.

Ooh, this’ll be awsome when it’s finished!! Keep up the good work!

Once I have the UV map done and some of the textures I’ll post another update. Though exporting the model from Maya to Source is gonna be hell. Would be awesome if anyone knows a good tutorial on that since I haven’t been able to properly import a model to Source yet. I did find one tutorial, but it was missing pictures.

coool man it will be sooo wicked awesome

Can’t help you there, sorry.

Wasn’t this in one of the other movies, like the second or third ones? The Emperor meets with Vader using what I thought was this ship.

I know I had a toy of it when I was younger, and it’s shown up in some games before too.

I think you mean the Lambda one. Looks a bit different, its in heaps of stuff though.

Btw, its been in a lot more than just the one scene in the movie.

Its the dropship in Empire at War, and its in Star Wars Battlefront 2 i believe.

nice work
this may bring me back star wars rouge squadron memorys

No, you are referring to the Lambda Class Shuttle. Which has similar wings and cockpit, but is smaller and very different. I also don’t think a toy exists, only model kits and lego sets.

Not everyone who’s interested in Star Wars has played those games but I’d go so far as to say everyone who’s interested in Star Wars HAS seen the movies. Though I bet it being in the movie was a nod to the EU of the games…

This is great. This might even succeed into becoming a complete Star Wars role play with some decent rebels and good sweps that aren’t crotch guns. I’m just asking for too much aren’t i?

Well, all I can do it make maps and models. ShotGunGuy49 was working on some cool sweps though.

I know my toys.

I had the lambda one, I guess, it came with a really tiny pilot and emperor mini figures. Like, really tiny mini figures.



That’s about actual scale of the figures, if not smaller. They fit in the tiny little cockpit and there was a small storage compartment. At least, from what I remember.

It was a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago, almost in a galaxy far far away…

I found that the landing craft also make an appearance in the Star Wars Vector comics, and there are some details that I need to change on my model to make it more accurate, namely the inside of the cockpit and the engines.

They still have those. They’re now pilots of the shitty transformer series that I never liked.

I never liked 'em either. Just a bad attempt at combining two epic series.

you mean Micro Machines?

I don’t think that’s it, but it doesn’t really matter. If I happen to find it while cleaning out my basement at some point, I’ll post a picture.

I still have my Lego Laat/i

Im looking at it now :smiley:

Ah, finally people are having nostalgiac feelings for something of which I can relate!