Star Wars Maps

Why there arent any SW maps for Gmod(at least i dont know about them)?

I’ve actually found one, but ts a for CS and its a zombie map, and its unusable because it got a stupid vacuum thing witch kills you after 5 min, its point to kill the AFK’s/Noobs whose left behind but to my sadness this thing works in gmod too. The map is nice, it got some models from jedi outcast but this stuff ruins it for me.

So do you guys know if theres any SW maps around?
Or could someone deactivate that script in the map? The maps name is ze_starwars_forantrax

god mode?

Didnt worked, god mod is only good against bullets and stuff,

Use VMEX to decompile the map and make the changes you want, that is probably a trigger forces you to die so, delete it when you decompile it. Not that hard.

VMEX what is that? And yeah its a trigger, it even says that ,Trigger Hurt skull Me"

I’ve found this in

try it.

These are just unrecognizable files for me,

AHHHHH DO NOT listen to him D: It’s a TRAP!!!

I didnt saw any naked furry pic’s hidden in the files, yet.

Download Java, but CHRIST do I need to tell you every tinny step? you can search for yourself.

Could you tell me how to tie my shoe laces? I’ve found a site where it says how to use this stuff, thanks mang.

hey, just a note. if it says “This map is protected” you may want to try to get the cracked vmex.

I got it on hammer, where can i find the trigger stuff? I really a noob at stuff like this and i rly dont want to bother you with it too much

My first Gmod map was a star wars map. Sadly, it’s very bad, but you DID ask for a Star Wars map

Use entspy to delete the trigger_hurt. Decompiling will fuck it up too much.

Or make a cfg file with the same name as the map in the maps folder and put:

sv_cheats 1;wait;ent_remove_all trigger_hurt;wait;sv_cheats 0

Hmm, this actually something what i can do. Thanks i’ll check it out.


But i think i can type it into the console when im playing, right?

I think its good, although i gotta admit i really dont like tatooine itself, but your is map pretty good, why dont you do the emperor’s throne room next time? Its small and you can work out the details on that one.

a death star map with a botomless pit would be awsome too plz.

Have I got some projects to show you all! You guys all know my really crappy Tatooine map, correct? If so, the following images will show you that i’ve improved my mapping 1000 times over.

HOTH - a WIP map that i’ve been working on for about a day if you add up all the time. I think it looks pretty cool right now, to be honest.

IMPERIAL HANGER - If any of you have played “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” you’ll probably recognize this area, hopefully i’ll recreate the whole entire level (obviously this is a beta, and i’m probably going to end up re-creating it to be better accurate.) shrugs