Star Wars Model Links Thread .V2

Post what you have and what you’re searching for concerning 3D Models and/or textures from Star Wars themed games.

Links from previous thread :

Force Unleashed 1&2 :
Jedi Knight Academy :
Knights of the Old Republic 1&2:
Republic Commando :
Kinect Star Wars :
Sci-Fi Misc Model Pack :
HD KOTOR Models :
Star Wars Battlefront 3 (Free Radical) Models :
Star Wars The Clone Wars Adventures/Republic Heroes Models :
Star Wars Attack Squadron (Cancelled) Models :
Clone Wars Republic Heroes models V2 :
Star Wars The Old Republic Models :

And many more in the original thread…

V1 :


Was the old thread getting too long?

BTW, I definitely would love to recreate some of the new game’s maps in the older engines. It wouldn’t 100% be the same though, but I could use these models as a guide. Heck, I’d take the Survival Hoth map.

By the way, was there ever a Clone Wars YWing ripped from anywhere?

Yep, every thread automatically locks itself after 5,000 posts.

I was going to build the new thread but it looks like since you already did one exclusively for Star Wars I’ll do the other one I had in mind. FleetAdmiral’s Miscellaneous Scifi Models Thread. Later today.

I know I posted in the other thread, but if anyone can either let me know how to convert the .chunk and .mesh files out to something like an OBJ or just throw me an OBJ of the Duros from Battlefront, I’ll see if I can’t fix the bad morphing on it to a somewhat original state and then upload it back to the thread.

I really want my Duros lol


Well here it is but just gonna throw this out there you aren’t gonna have much fun fixing it cause it’s really messed up.

Also been putting this together and wanted to wait until the Bespin DLC came out and since i finally got the files here is all the load screens in the game, they make pretty cool wallpaper on your desktop.

You can view them here before downloading them from mediafire.

So, will be no Urban Rebel textures from Bespin DLC?

Nice! Some good background material right there!

The ‘Urban’ Rebel is just the old Honour Guard.

Thanks for answer. Where I can find their textures? In Corra_Ashu’s Mediafire folder are only new Honour Guard.

Well, as it’s the old Honour Guard, look in his main Battlefront folder for it.

Phew! Thought we’d lost the thread for some reason!! Bookmarked this one now :slight_smile:

Miksaka, any plans to block release those models of yours or would you prefer we download the mod and extract from there?


So here is my edit of the EA Falcon, my attempt to make it look more like the ep 5 esb & ep 6 rotj Falcon 32" studio model.
This model im currently using in my Star Wars mod for X3 Albion Prelude. thread link

Here is the EA model

Here is mine, note cabin and escape pod hatches. (more work will be done on it)

model and textures in .max and obj.

I don’t suppose anybody has a Clone Wars-era Y-Wing model they could share, please?

Cannot find it. Checked all files in this folder. Any ideas?

ywing? clone wars? is republic heroes enough? working on it. juggling blenders. :v:


That would be fantastic. Thanks :smiley:

okay. textures may glitch. quick hexed ddses. you should convert them to png in a capable image tool. model is only quick tested in blender. should do it tho. :smile:


Everything is fine with the model. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

[quote=“episoder, post:18, topic:226149”]

okay. textures may glitch. quick hexed ddses. you should convert them to png in a capable image tool. model is only quick tested in blender. should do it tho. :smile:


If not, then MTD Industries has a good one here