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Post what you have and what you’re searching for concerning 3D Models and/or textures from Star Wars themed games.

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We’re hitting 5,000 posts too quick on these suckers.

oh hey, new thread. sweet. i’ll post some wips i’ve been doing.[/T]

What are you doing on the tri fighter ?

im working on the rep y-wing

the Special Forces Tie Fighter needs its underside Turret moved from inside the cockit to the bottom of the hull.

There is at least one version of the TIE FO Special Forces mesh in the game assets where the bottom turret is already in the correct position. I packaged it up along with many of the normal textures re-baked onto the primary UV channel here. Look in the ‘SooG’ folder if you prefer unaltered assets Straight Out Of the Game.

Salutations to all !

Below is the download link of the extracted model. I am NOT a good " MATERIAL/texture NODE EDITOR " so I am asking for help to someone please fix the materials used for all the textures for this model to make it the same as the photo from the very bottom of this post. Thanks.

Use any software you like, just like blender or other 3d material editor in order to fix the materials and save them as texture .png or .bmp so that it can be easily be use and apply for 3dsmax and other 3d softwares and other file format like .OBJ with .MAT

Does anyone was able to get the Millennium Falcon from the Demo game - “Star Wars: Docking Bay 94” ?

If they do, could someone please share and upload the 3D model of the Falcon with all the textures fixed. Thanks.

Here is the official site ->

And the DL link of the demo ->

Thanks :smiley:

I was able to extract the model itself but the issue is that the textures are incorrect and I can’t find the diffuse maps. I am using these tools -> quickbms and umodel/ue viewer. Could someone please help me fix this problem. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

quickbms - >

umodel - >[/t]

It should look like the photo below…


Have any more models from the Wii version of TFU been extracted yet?

To those 30+ people who just downloaded the file and willing to fix the issue, PLEASE do tell or show any progress of images if you are fixing the material properties and later having a decent textures for the Millennium Falcon that I just shared. So that I know someone is helping and fixing the problem. Thank you.

Yeah i’ll be making a pack for them very soon but i would love to know how Warhammer_81 got the textures? Was it with ninjaripper or dolphin emulator’s texture dump?

Reason i ask is because i can’t get ninjaripper to rip any of the textures. and the Dolphin texture dump doesn’t dump all the textures.

Hey Corra, what happend to those models from unreleased Rebels game?

Dont forget im abit special and send them in their original format like i said on moddb :3

hey there. Is someone able to rip Leia from the battlefront (2015) game?

Why don’t you just use the SWBF model? It’s the best Falcon model we have thus far.

Here you go:


Model in .fbx format with game rig, face fixed with daemon’s awesome face tool. Textures in tga, they are split by channel functions and labeled accordingly. Normal maps are inverted for use in Source, XNA, etc, Rest is untouched except for being a seperate image instead of being part of the msr, cs, … textures.


Any luck with the heads?

Nope. I gave up a few days ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

what did you use to render that?

Out of curiousity, would sound extraction be possible?

I’d like to get my hands on Bail Organa’s bodyguards’ voicelines. They can be triggered during normal gameplay but are very rare to hear.

Likewise with Kota’s Militia. Although they’re way less rare to hear.