Star Wars model texture help

I downloaded this model pack from and after doing what one of the comments said by putting a copy of it into a Model folder and Material folder, I do not get the textures, they have the checkerboard pattern, here’s a picture. Can anyone help me with this?


I’ve tried the same pack in Source Filmmaker and it would appear whoever put the pack together had no concern of actually placing the materials in their right folders where the .mdl files would look for them, or where the .vmt paths lead to - so that’s why you have missing texture

The only way to fix it is to figure out the right paths for the .vmts and put them in those folders.

But I know that some models will still have missing textures if you do that which would mean the models themselves are looking for textures somewhere else which can’t be fixed without decompiling the model I think

The only way I got it to work was copying everything into both a models and materials folder, I’ll try to split them and put them into the right folder, but I don’t know where to start.

This is very disappointing because this is the only pack where they have capital ships like star destroyers.

Step 1: find the vmt file (not the vtf!).
Step 2: Open it in Notepad or simmilar
Step 3: as you can see under “$Basetexture”. that is the path.
Step 4: creater an folder called materials
Step 5: create the path in materials
Step 6: Copy the VMT and VTF file.
Step 7: Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Did you guys figure out the password on the files for that model pack. I was looking into using these models but got stopped by a password when I downloaded them. Thanks for any help on this!