Star Wars Models: Commission

Hey all, Sir_Leaf here.

As of late my community, Strictly Serious Roleplay, has decided we’re going to try and move from NS: Stalker RP and NS: HaloRP.
Strictly to SWTOR RP (Star Wars the Old Republic RolePlay) based out of Nutscript.

The Gamemode is coded as well as weapons and bla, bla, you aren’t here to read about that.

I am here, putting forth a Commission for Star Wars Models.
As i’m sure many of you know, there are rarely any Star Wars models in Gmod besides your Storm or CloneTroopers.

The following are pictures of models I’d like to see made.
NOTE*: The Following is for artist/modeler references, so they can design the models accordingly, void all weapons in the images.

The Standard Trooper of the Republic Army

An Elite Trooper, Havoc Trooper.

An Elite Trooper, Most likely a CMDR.

Another Elite type of Soldier, Havoc Lead

Standard Jedi Guardian

Female Version of the Jedi Guardian

A Jedi Sage

Jedi Knight

Another Female Jedi Guardian Varient

Female Jedi, her species is Mirialan.

All side shots of a female Jedi Guardian

Female Jedi Padawan/Knight

Imperial Trooper

Female Imperial Trooper

Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Varient.

Standard Sith Apprentice/Warriors

Sith Inquisitor

Very Strong Sith Inquisitor.

All side shots of a Sith Warrior

Sith Warriors, Highly Respected Varients

Several Civilian Garb Variations.

Face shots of all the Species I’d like to have implemented.
Left to right, top row first: Zabrak, Twi’lek, Cyborg(Ignore), Mirialan, Miraluka(Ignore), Sith Pure Blood, Rattataki(Ignore), Chiss.

A Twi’Lek Jedi

Twi’lek Bounty Hunter/Smuggler

Twi’lek Smuggler

Note*: I provided so many Twi’lek pictures because I fell their Leku’s (Their Tails) Might prove to be a challenge for the modeler.

Now, I’d like to see at least 1 of the Species for each model. (Except for the models with Helmets, obviously you couldn’t tell the species under a helmet.)
I’d like female and male varients of each Species as well.


Model List:

Male and Female Varients of Rupblic Troopers(As Following Images Above)

Republic Troopers, the One without Helmet), Male and Female Varients of Twi’lek, Human, Zabrak and Miralan.

Male and Female Jedi Varients of Human, Twi’lek, and Miralan.

Imperial Trooper Male and Female Varients.

Sith Male and Female Varients, Human and Sith Pure Blood. (Due to Sith Empire Lore in the Old Republiv Era)

Bounty Hunter Male and Female Varient.

Smuggler Male and Female Varients, Human, Twi’lek.

Civilian Male and Female Varients of Human, Twi’lek, Miralan, Zabrak, Chiss.

If any more pictures are needed post below. :3

NOTE*****: I completely understand this is a MASSIVE order. That is why I am Commissioning for this, I am willing to pay the modeler upwards of 125$+ for this pack.

If any modeler believes they can achieve my desires, please comment you’re interested and provide some links or photo’s to other modeling work you have done.
Again, you will be paid for your efforts accordingly, garuntee’d.

I don’t know much, but $125 for this much custom modeled stuff seems like uh…

Either way, it would be nice to have these, one way or another. Perhaps maybe start with a select few and branch out after?

I agree with Prototype556. It seems like a big job to do it all at once. I was planning to do an entire pack of custom recreations of Star Trek Online assets but it looks like a job that would put me in way over my head. I think it would be best to divide the task up and take it in sections. I am actually planning to do some custom modeling here in the next few months with both Star Wars and Star Trek so maybe I can squeeze some of your stuff into my to do list.

Well, 125+. I know the TNB Stalker Model Pack cost over 200, so I assumed this would be expensive.
I set my lowest at $125 because to show whoever was willing to model, that I am serious.

Well, you both say to break it into sections.
So. Why not.
I’m not sure which section would exactly prove to be the most difficult… I would assume either the Troopers or Jedi, mainly because the troopers armors are so detailed and I have such a long requirement for the Jedi’s being all male and female with species varients for each gender.

Any suggestions on what I should break it down into?

Okay, first of all, is KOTOR content portable/rippable? If so, then it’d be more feasible to ask for select models from the game, and you might have a thin chance to see part of this fulfilled.

If not, then this is enough requested to keep a small team of professional character and technical artists busy for a year. Given a soft estimate of a yearly salary of $60k for a single professional capable of making concept art into AAA character models, you might want to reconsider your request.

Well almost every model you posted can be ported from SWTOR itself and save you money,so i see no reason to pay someone for something that is already been modeled and last i remember it was against LucasFilms new EULA to make profit off of either making or porting models from star wars.

I didn’t take this picture so just saying.
but i can get the models.

Whoa, word.

Can I hire someone to port them then?
Or at least, maybe attempt to port them myself?

Well the sad part is it’s super time consuming for the fact that all the armor you see there are in pieces and takes a lot of time to find which armor piece goes with which armor.

But here are the files you need EasyMYP for extracting the models

and Noesis for opening and converting the models so they can be used in 3ds max/maya/blender…ect

Did I ever post a full download to these? I know I’ve handed them out a couple of times but I don’t remember publicly sharing them.

If not, let’s correct that.

Are those the Pictures?

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God damn.
Regardless, I’ll attempt it myself or hire someone for their efforts because my community has voted for SWTOR RP. And all we need is the models… Soo. XD

It is the models, excelent release Tribalizer. I guess I should add your link to the OP on my SW Models thread.

Are there more? I’d like to add variety.

Nice set of models you linked :smiley: However, I have a question, I have the game myself and have been trying to get models, but is there any specific easy way to find them? The noesis script doesnt load textures for all models (specifically custom items, which are used for alot of things)

I would LOVE to join the SWTOR RP community.

Or you could just play SWTOR…? We don’t need more darkRP clones.

We already have Halo RP. :suicide:

I’m pretty sure anything you could possibly think of has been recycled into roleplay at this point.