Star Wars Models Thread V2: Will I ever finish anything?

[h2]Welcome to the new thread![/h2]
It’s just like the old one, except this one is new, and has workshop links.
Pretty neat, huh.

I’ll be posting models that nayr7259 and I have ported from Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast, Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy, and their community mods, Battlefront 1, Battlefront 2, and Republic Commando in this thread.

Each section is labeled by it’s respective faction.
The four factions are:

Imperial Empire

Some models might not have a specific ownership by one faction, so they go in the Misc section





The Bodygroup Changer Tool
Not made by me, but it’s very useful for changing the bodyroups without Cvars.

I know the quality probably isn’t very good but if I can ever get a fucking ripper working with the Dolphin Emulator I can get models from Star Wars Bounty Hunter for anyone to rig or port or whatever. I did rip Jango’s texture and facemap

The non Workshop addons will be updated tomorrow. Ryan gave me the go ahead to upload his stuff to the Workshop for him.

Also, like I said in the previous thread, anyone who wants to test out the blaster sweps in beta can send me a PM.

Did someone say crappy Gregor edit?

Man I forgot about Bounty Hunter. Loved that game! Hope someone ports some weapons from that game, maybe even Montross and Vosa.

Here are my Gregor textures for anybody that wants them.

Includes both variations of his shoulder pad design seeing as the model has them sharing a uv.

Sorry to bump an inactive thread but I wanted to let you all know that I have a really large Star Wars models release coming this summer. Been working on fixing different bugs in the Star Wars game ports a long with some custom Star Wars Expanded Universe models.

good evening,

that sounds very intressing. witch models do you mean if i may ask?

many greetings

Force Unleashed 1/2 and Kinect Star Wars mainly as I have them all. Except for the Endor DLC models (I never figured that out). As for the customs I referred to. I really want to do something with the Heir to the Empire trilogy, the Yuuzhan Vong war the Solo twins that sort of stuff. Other than Jedi Academy when it comes to 3D Modelling that part of the Star Wars universe is still pretty unexplored.

Advising one thing not many people liked the Yuuzhan Vong one bit, and many Star Wars fans consider them uncanon tbh.

It doesn’t just have to be Post return of the Jedi material, in my opinion the Expanded Universe can also include material such as “Shadows of the Empire” and Splinter of the Mind’s Eye". My favorite of the Star Wars EU comics is the Thrawn trilogy in my best opinion.

On another note, I do want to play around with Star Wars The Old Republic models a bit but the problem is the .tor files. I know that there are .tor file extractors out there somewhere but I haven’t the faintest idea where to look. All the links I’ve tried are broken.

I’ve been told by someone that the file were encrypted.

Front of your mask seems to be a really strange place to mark your kills…

That’s too bad, I really do want to stick to using higher poly models.

It’s a reference to a hockey player’s face mask with similar markings.
It showed where the puck hit his helmet, so he drew stitches where the points of impact were.
The more you know.

Hey shotgun guy, you gonna port anything from The force unleashed? It had some cool stuff

I don’t own the games.

If you want I can send the links to download them to you. Tribalizer was able to get them back up on plasmid’s uber model thread.
Force Unleashed 1:
Force Unleashed 2 (Endor DLC Still not included):

Oh and just in case you’re interested the KINECT Star Wars Models are in this link:

Just a little reminder, but the white Republic Commando Playermodel is an error at the moment. Not sure when you’ll get around to fixing it.

Hopefully it’ll be done whenever I get my main computer fixed.