Star Wars Models.

You are an absolute genius

Is that a request :smug:

OnTopic: SGG I love you…

Damn great work man

I never believed my request thread would go this far… Prasie God almighty for this man’s generosity!



Finally! Fucking finally high quality Star Wars models! Emperor bless you!

All of the mark 1 Clones use skingroups.

Really? Fuck…

Ughh, fine…

I never made any NPCs, I just used model manipulator.

Added you in hopes of being able to talk to you about this and

you made my day ShoTGuNGuY49 i’m going to go play with them now

Now, garrysmod must be sure about jedi models and other stuf

Thats a lot of clonetroopers.

now turn the speeder bike into a hover vehicle :smug: thanks for these!

great work

Part 2?

-Pictures deleted, filesmelt sucks balls for deleting images-

really? beacuse when i use the manipulator they fall through the ground…maybe i should try another map.
only had 40 mins to use them yesterday and it took 10 minutes to load. D:

To sum up exactly how I feel:

These are awesome. I had MOSTLY lurked (I think I posted a couple of times) the request thread and saw the progress.

What game are you porting from exactly?

You think you could get a rancor or some aliens?

Any model from the Jedi Knight 2 / Jedi Knight 3 engine.


Next up in the line of releases.
Star Wars Helmets ported from Fallout 3

I’ll even make a Death Star Gunner ragdoll for you guys.

:aaaaa: I didn’t think release would be so soon.

Shotgun, may I ask how you have gotten these amazing textures? (Unless they are FC10)