Star Wars Naboo Hangar Map

About Me


I’m Benigane, a mapper who started creating maps in Garry’s Mod back in 2014. While I can model, I stick primarily to just mapping and texturing. I haven’t joined any developers working on game modes yet, but I am looking to potentially help a team with mapping.

About Naboo Hangar

The vision behind the map is a mix between the hangar in Star Wars Episode 1 and the Naboo Hangar map in Star Wars Battlefront 2. I like to keep maps as accurate as possible, but the map created for Battlefront 2 catered to better gameplay. This particular map would work best for a heroes versus villains game mode :wink:

I’ve finished up the majority of the meshes on this map and my next main goal is to texture and light everything. I’ve already created most of the models in blender, but wouldn’t be opposed to someone working with me to create better versions of the models.

Without further ado, enjoy some screenshots of the progress!


This map looks amazing in my opinion. How long did you work on it?

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I like your hand rails and the way you use Indentation, Keen to see it with textures!!!

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Super cool, I love your attention to detail!
I’m also working on some star wars maps.
Maybe we could team up on some stuff some time!

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There may have been around 70 hours of mesh work, but I was also learning the Source 2 work flow.


Thanks you!

I’m always down to collaborate. Need to finish up this map first though. :smiley:


Hey Benigane. I am planning to create a battlefront game, your map and style are exactly what we are looking for, are u interested in joining us to help us building maps for battlefront type of gamemode? , for the payment we will be discussed via discord if u like 【Beep Boop】#3407

Looking forward for your respond!!

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A mapper who doesn’t leave a map at 90% before they start a new one, that’s rare.

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Do you have any posts of the work that you’ve done for the game mode so far?