Star Wars: Phase 1

Criticism is accepted.

Overall it is well done, the only complaint I have here is your graphics. I think you should increase your anti-aliasing. The soft shadows on the soldiers seem to have a lot of graininess in the shadows. I am not sure how to fix this since it is an SFM issue so someone who uses SFM frequently should help tell you how tofix this.

Not all too familiar with SFM, but it looks to me like you’ve forgotten to render your scene hence all those grainy spots where shadows accumulate (I’ve only ever seen videos with SFM and played a bit with posing in it, so I don’t know shit). That would also explain your ‘eh’ resolution. You’ve got a good scene here and the lighting is fine but I think you’ve forgotten a crucial part.

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On closer inspection it also looks like you’ve re-used that same ‘guy standing with a gun’ pose for a lot of the clones there. It’s usually fine if you can slightly vary their weapon positions or leg configuration, but here it looks like you’ve only shifted heads.