Star Wars: Republic Commando models

I know this has been requested before, but now that it’s available on steam we might get further.

I would like to see:
Commando ragdolls
Trandoshan ragdolls
The various clone trooper ragdolls (including the kamino uniform)

I would like the models either on the CS:S or HL2 rig with combine animations, and if possible,use the same UV map from the original model.
and give them a good phymodel for posing.

Possibly some weapon models, and view models if possible.

Media, for those who don’t know what it is.


It’s a pretty tall list, but at least try doing the commandos

I can try to rip the models, because RC uses unrealed, but a different version to the one i use mostly for Ut2004.

this needs to be done it would be great for posing

I was on the job of porting this models, but alot of issues came down the way (Work, Couldnt extract the animations, or anything with RCeditor or UTmodel and alot of other stuff)…

But I might give it a try if someone could guide me of course, I would love to have this on Gmod.

PS: This models are kinda low poly, but someone can always make high res skins for them or even remaking some of their parts.

If I could be of help, just let me know.

EDIT: I didnt saw the dates… Damn bumpers =.= But anyway if Shotgun~ is still interested in this, it might help him anyway.

I saw that you were working on that Santz.
But yeah, I tried to excract the models myself and failed at that.

Getting the animations wouldn’t really be a problem, the comine anims would be fitting for the commandos.


True, I’ll find a good combination of anims for the model to use.
Without it making the model t-pose…

yeah the combine anims would be fitting but it would also be good if they had rebel anims so they could use most of the weapons

Yeah, but the main problem still remains… Finding a way to extract/port the models to source…
Is there any other way of ripping them from the game? besides the UT/CT editor? Because it seems you cant do it with those… I also tried with 3D Ripper but it doesnt work with RC either :v:

Or if someone can help me to make the UT/CT editor work, any kind of help would be appreciated.

damn I loved that game if it wasn’t for that part were you have a time limit to get some data before the base or whatever explodes

I’d still be playing

this would be awesome if someone ported these

Get the anims from the spartan replacements from

Nope, already got working anims for some custom metrocop skins of mine.

If these do get released, could someone give them Hi-res texutures?

Are there models of these troopers made for Garry’s Mod yet? I would really love a download link.

Can a moderator close this thread, I’ve got this covered.

Seriously, though… anyone got a download for these yet?

Stop bumping this god damn thread. I already have the models.