star wars republican gunship

can someone upload a republican gunship form star wars?

i know there already one but its really bad quality.

Been done.
Collision model sucks, but it’s been done.
Search “Star Wars” on

Dude, read the OP clearly, he said he knew there is a model but its low quality. There’s 2 I’m guessing, but they both have problems if I’m not mistaken

thankyou sonic man ;D

Incoming Nerd.

Its a Low Altitude Assault Transport/Infantry.

I had the model from RC, but its been deleted by Mediafire. And i dont think i have it anymore.

Ported the LAAT from Republic Commando.

Two of your requests have been already done by me.
What are the odds of this.

The odds are rather good, seeing as you seem to be the only person porting Star Wars stuff.

Is it in game yet? Or you just have the model?

I think there is a model pack on with one in it

He already said he doesn’t want that one.


It’s ingame, just fixing up the collisions.

Brilliant! Cant wait.

when are you releasing the gunship and commandos?